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Kelowna Home Builders Tip: How To Define Your Custom Home Needs

Sometimes, the hardest part of accomplishing a goal is getting started.  That’s especially true when you don’t know where to begin.  So if your goal is to build a custom home in Kelowna, you might be able to relate to that feeling of confusion.  What’s the first step? How do I make this happen?

Before you let all the details of custom home building overwhelm you, sit down and think about your needs.  Defining your needs will make it easier to:

-Find the right custom home builder

-Determine a concise budget

-Guide the search for your ideal neighborhood

-Overall reduce stress and time spent during the design process. 

But wait – is it clear how to define your custom home needs? When you sit down and really think about it, do you know how to separate the wish-list goodies from the necessities? And how do you know that you’re covering all the bases?

That’s where this article comes in. We think it’s important to make defining your needs an initial step in the custom home building process.  Let’s review how to define your custom home needs.

The difference between “wants” and “needs”

Basically, it all comes down to what can be changed over time, and what has to happen during the construction process.

Your “wants” are the things you can add to your home over time. Your “needs” are not only extremely important to you, but are also challenging to add once your initial home plan is finalized.

Here are some examples of common “wants”:

-Tile flooring

-Granite countertops

-Wood-burning stoves

-Playgrounds, pools and patios

-Stylized landscaping

And here are some examples of common “needs”:

-Certain number of bathrooms

-View specifications; lakeside, mountainside, urban

-Yard size

-Double sinks or a sink at the stove

-Specific amenities nearby (such as schools, churches, stores)

You can see from these examples the difference between “wants” and “needs” when it comes to Kelowna custom home building.  “Wants” are feasible changes to consider after the build; therefore, since you cannot “add-on” a view of the Okanagan Lake from your main floor deck, it’s something you might weigh the importance of as a “need”.

How to address every aspect of your custom home

Did our lakeside view example spark a reminder in your mind? With so many elements to cover in a custom home build, it’s easy to forget a couple major ones. Take a look at our checklist of aspects to consider while drafting your “needs” list:

-Length of stay (is this a short term resell or the place you hope to raise your children?)

-Length of commute (is it a priority for you to be close to work?)

-Amenities nearby (do you need to be close to a specific school, community, recreation facility, etc.?)

-Storage (garages for vehicles and RV’s, room for landscaping, camping or leisure equipment)

-Landscaping (are you prepared to maintain a large yard?)

-Number of bedrooms and bathrooms (do people come to visit often? Hint: if you’re building in the Okanagan, you can just about expect more guests!)

-Renters (do you plan to rent a portion of the home or carriage house?)

-Space to convert (if your family is growing or you have a hobby you plan to expand into an in-house business, for instance)

What if everyone’s “needs” are different?

Oftentimes, the needs of family members who have a voice in the custom home building process simply differ. Maybe one partner is looking ahead to own and store an RV, while the other can’t imagine a kitchen without a breakfast nook.  Everyone defines their needs in different ways. So before you get started on a master list to show to your home builder, get everyone who has a say to write up their own “needs” list to bring to the table.

Everyone’s list should include their “needs” ranked in importance to them from first to last (depending on how many items are included on the list).  Once completed, everyone should meet to explain and compare lists. From there, you can develop a master list that takes everyone’s needs into account.

Now you’re ready to meet with a Kelowna custom home builder

After finding the right Kelowna custom home builder, your first meeting will involve your newly defined list of needs. A quality builder can provide you with insights and suggestions to ensure you balance the new home elements you require with a budget you can manage.  From there, the steps towards bringing your vision to life can be put in place.  With the Jazel building team alongside you along the way, your questions are always answered and your deadlines are met on time.  Getting started has never been so exciting.

Get started on your Okanagan custom home vision. Contact Jazel Homes to have a conversation about your project!